About Mediation

Mediators are trained neutrals who assist parties to discuss the issues confidentially and work together to develop a mutually satisfactory resolution.

This non-adversarial, cooperative process enables parties to control the outcome of their dispute and avoid litigation. Mediation throughout Ohio is effective in resolving many civil disputes including those which involve small businesses, landlords and tenants and many other commercial and interpersonal matters.  Family disputes are also resolved effectively in mediation, including divorces and other matters concerning children and parents.


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OMA Events & Updates

August Bi-Monthly Meeting: Promote Your Mediation Services!

For our August meeting, Ted Bigham, a local marketing expert with a web development business available at http://www.webdesignincolumbus.com/, spoke about Advertising in the 21st Century and how to use the internet to increase the visibility of your mediation services.



June Meeting Cancelled, Open Call for Joining OMA Board

There will be no general, bi-monthly OMA meeting in June.  However, the Executive Board is seeking members to apply for the positions of Secretary and Appointed Board Member.  Candidates should email omapresident@gmail.com to announce their candidacy and introduce themselves at the board meeting in June.

The Board Meeting will be on June 6th at the MCL Cafeteria, 76 East Schrock Road, Westerville.  The Board will meet at 9:30am, and candidates should expect to make an appearance by 11:00am.  The Board will deliberate on filling those positions during that meeting.

A brief description of these positions is as follows:

Secretary:  The Secretary maintains records, maintains the membership roster, records meeting minutes, inputs membership into the mediateohio.org website, and checks the OMA email account.  It would be very helpful to have a laptop and touch-typing skills to be able to record meeting minutes.
Appointed Board Member:  This is a non-voting position; however, appointed board members are just as involved as officers, deliberating over board policies and contributing to OMA initiatives.


Arnold Schienvold Discusses High-Conflict Disputants for the 2014 OMA Annual Conference

On Friday, May 16, 2014, Arnold Schienvold, Ph.D., Past President of the AFCC and a nationally-renowned expert in the topic of high conflict families, will give a full-day lecture entitled, “Difficult Conversations with Difficult People.”

Conference Notes available here:  2014 OMA Conference notes

The PowerPoint presentation will be emailed to OMA members directly.



February Bi-Monthly Meeting set for February 7th at MCL

After reaching out to our members in the Cleveland area, OMA returns to Columbus for the next bi-monthly meeting, scheduled for February 7th at the MCL Cafeteria.

The topic that will be presented at this meeting will be “co-resolution,” an innovative new ADR process that allows mediation-trained professionals to serve as partisan advocates for separate parties, cooperating across the table as they give each party individual assistance with negotiation skills.  After receiving national attention in a Conflict Resolution Quarterly article and two ACR conferences, the process was then piloted in Columbus by OMA board members Nate Witkin and Susan Shostak.

Nate and Susan will explain the process and share their experiences in using it to resolve domestic relations cases.

When: Friday February 7, 2014
Time: 12:00 – 12:30pm – OMA General Meeting
          12:30 – 1:30pm – Co-resolution Presentation
Where: MCL Cafeteria
           60 Westerville Square
           Westerville, Ohio 43081
           (614) 818-1700

December Bi-Monthly Meeting: OMA visits MANO

For our December Bi-Monthly Meeting, OMA went on the road to connect with our Cleveland members and The Mediation Association of Northeastern Ohio.  Below are some video highlights from the meeting and roundtable discussion.


Video: The Psychology of Mediation

At our October bi-monthly meeting, forensic psychologists Dr. John L. Tilley Psy.D. and Dr. Bob Stinson Psy.D., J.D., delivered a talk on “The Psychological Aspects of Mediation and Negotiation.”  In Part 1 of the video, they discuss the chemical processes and mental shortcuts that occur in the brains of disputants and third-party neutrals in conflict situations.  In Part 2, they discuss psychologically-supported methods of influencing parties and how, as a mediator, you can guard against these tactics.

View both video segments below:

August 2nd General Meeting: View Magistrate Kemp’s talk on Mediating in the Ohio Federal Courts

Magistrate Terrence P. Kemp, the main organizer of the Southern District’s successful Settlement Week program, discusses this and other efforts by the Court to refer cases to mediation and other ADR processes. This talk alternated smoothly between a lecture and Q&A format. Our members in attendance participated fully and the overall talk was very informative. View the other segments on OMA’s YouTube page.

View highlights from OMA’s June 7th panel discussion on Credentialing Mediators in Ohio.

Click on the “YouTube” emblem at the bottom of the video screen and continue the discussion in the Comments section at the bottom of the page.

The entire hour-long discussion is broken up into four parts on the OMA YouTube channel.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updated videos as they are posted.

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